All roads lead to ‘The Itch’ on Wednesday, which is kind of a pitch to the Splendid Curatorium (the group who will decide on the final commissions at the end of this year). All up there are 16 ideas which will be presented on Wednesday, and altough the final submissions for projects aren’t due until December, this really is a way to test the waters before doing more research and feasibility. It’s a bit scary and daunting and most of the artists will spend today and tomorrow refining, discussing and developing their ideas with Paul and Jeff. 

We wind up Monday sitting on the balcony overlooking the playing field at the Italo-Australia Club. Every day has been sunny in Lismore. So much of our time has been spent outside on the grass. Being by the river has created such a peaceful backdrop and environment in the fostering so many ideas and so much potential. Everyone looks a bit exhausted and a bit sun-kissed, but there is a huge sense of excitement about the next couple of days.

I am finding it very interesting to see how everyone works together, hopping from one collaboration to another as they work on their different projects. I can’t help but think that this whole experience wil be invaluable to everyone regardless of whether they show work at the Festival next year or not. The Spendid Commission is competitive, but there is absolutely no sense of competition amongst artists. Everyone gets on so well, friendships for life have formed here this week. The Lab is about more than just producing artwork, it is producing careers and collaborations well beyond this two week event.