How To Choose The Color Of My New Roof In Atlanta

How To Choose The Color Of My New Roof

There are many factors to take into consideration in the decision of whether to replace a roof or not. Homeowners must think about cost, materials, choosing a specific contractor, allowed warranties, and how early they need the job done or whether they can hold off a few months. What most people in Atlanta initially overlook is which colour their new roof should be. The choice is important because once a color is chosen and the roof is installed, they will be stuck with it for 30 years or longer. So before installing they must be careful with its appearance, keeping this aspect in check. The roofing contractor you hire for professional roof replacement can offer advice on choosing a color, but ultimately, you will be the one who will make the final decision on the look and color of your roof.

So, it’s advisable to keep the following points in check:

1. Checking your existing roof- To start with, just look at the present condition of your roof you have. Do not ignore all the structural issues with your roof and look at just the color. Do you like what you have currently? is it really embodying the personality you possess?  Do you like its appearance? Does it work with the rest of the house? Could you live with the same color for the next roof? Sometimes, this determination can be difficult, particularly if your current roof is unusually old and faded. But if the current color, minus any missing or rotting shingles, looks fine, you may be halfway toward picking a color for your roof replacement.

2. Tally with your home exterior- Now look at the rest of the exterior of your home and ask yourself what you want your roof color to do in relation to it. Do you want the replacement roof to complement the paint job, the siding, or the brick (e.g., beige siding and dark brown shingles)? Do you want it to be a near match to the exterior (e.g., reddish shingles for red brick)? Or, do you hope to create an elegant contrast (e.g., cream-colored brick with dark grey shingles)? Another thing to consider: If you want to change the look of your home later, you can always repaint or install a different color siding, but you will be locked into whatever roof color you choose.

3. Considering the architecture-Some home architectural styles simply lend themselves to specific roof colors. Older, wood-frame homes are served well by traditional colors; newer designs can get away with bolder hues. Larger houses get benefited from lighter colors, while relatively smaller houses do well with bright colors.

4. Check your neighbors and the neighborhood try and fit in with your local surroundings and not be an eyesore- Sometimes a community looks appealing when there are contrast and likeness among the neighborhood. Your neighbors’ homes can offer insight on which colors you should consider for your roof replacement. If many home styles are the same as yours, you can see what works and what doesn’t. Even if the architectural styles aren’t similar, you will be able to get an idea of roof colors that contribute to the character of your neighborhood. You don’t want to go too bold and appear gaudy in comparison, nor do you want your home to be too dull and get lost on your block. If you are looking to sell your house someday, your roof should stand out just right amid your neighbors.

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